Moomin omission

In June 2009, Drawn & Quarterly published the fourth volume of Moomin stories by Tove Jansson. Unfortunately, two strips are missing – the last one of the story Snorkmaiden goes Rococo (nr.52), as well as the conclusion of Moomin and the Golden Tail (nr. 109).
This is very sad, especially because it's such a lovely edition in all other respects.

Anyhow, for all of you who are in search of the lacking happy end for Rococo, here's the Swedish version.

Click on the image to download the file in a higher resolution.

Postscript august 2010: After Drawn & Quarterly made a similar error in Vol. 5, they issued stickers with the missing strips, which is of course a graceful gesture. Contact them at info@drawnandquarterly.com.

You may still feel inclined to take a look at the website of Drawn & Quarterly.
Or at this wonderful Moomin-site. It's in German, but who cares?