De Waalse Kerk

Waalse Kerk

Walenpleintje 159
1012 JZ Amsterdam

The Walloon Church (Waalse Kerk) in Amsterdam dates from the year 1409. At that time, it was the chapel of a monastery, the Paulusbroederklooster. Not long after the year 1578, when Amsterdam converted to protestantism, the building was put at the disposal of the french-speaking protestant refugees from the Southern Netherlands and France.
Ever since, now for more than 400 years, the church has been the domain of the Walloon Community, and every sunday there is a service - in French, of course.
The organ in the church was built by Christian Müller, who also made the famous organ in the St.Bavo Church in Haarlem. The fine acoustics of the Walloon Church make the place a perfect venue for concerts and cd-recordings.

The website is wholly in Dutch, but contains several nice old prints, and a list of upcoming concerts which certainly will be comprehensible: