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If you don't read Dutch, you'll probably feel out of your depth on these pages. The only comfort I can offer is to say that I'm an experienced translator by now. For seven years I've been seriously involved with the great writer Mervyn Peake - though he was since long dead by that time. Later on, I translated books by such diverse literary figures as Donald Mitchell, Carla del Ponte, Eric Siblin and Alexander Waugh. The latter two may feel inclined to comment on my work, or on the way I kept bothering them with questions.
My Dutch, by the way, is far better than my English. So I hope there's some sort of recommendation in all of this.

Here's a list of the books I translated or helped translate. The links (except those for Gormenghast) will take you to the Dutch part of the site.

Brand Luther
by Andrew Pettegree
Atlas Contact, 2016
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Paul McCartney
by Philip Norman
Thomas Rap, 2016
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Schubert's Winter Journey
by Ian Bostridge
Hollands Diep, 2015
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Moody Bitches
by Julie Holland
Maven Publishing, 2015
by Nikolaus Wachsmann
De Bezige Bij, 2015
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The Edge of the World
by Michael Pye
De Bezige Bij Antwerpen, 2014
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Hard Choices
by Hillary Clinton
Balans, 2014
J.S. Bach
by John Eliot Gardiner
De Bezige Bij, 2014
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by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir
Maven, 2013
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JFK's Last Hundred Days
by Thurston Clarke
De Bezige Bij, 2013
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Mick Jagger by Philip Norman
Thomas Rap, 2012
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Titus awakes by Maeve Gilmore
Mynx, 2012 ?
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Being wrong by Kathryn Schulz
Maven Publishing, 2011
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The Third Reich: A Chronicle by Richard Overy
De Bezige Bij, 2011
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The Ninth by Harvey Sachs
De Bezige Bij, 2010
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The Cello Suites by Eric Siblin
De Bezige Bij, 2010
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The Red Flag by David Priestland
De Bezige Bij, 2009
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Woodstock by Michael Lang
Carrera, 2009
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Madame prosecutor by Carla del Ponte
De Bezige Bij, 2008
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The House of Wittgenstein by Alexander Waugh
De Bezige Bij, 2008
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A Mahlerian Odyssey: 1936-2003 by Donald Mitchell.
Uitgeverij Thoth, 2003
Boy in darkness by Mervyn Peake.
Private edition, limited, 2008
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Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake.
Het Spectrum, 1999-2001.
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